Benefits of Real Estate Investment Group


People talk about great benefits and investing with a group and
that most of the time is absolutely true. There are two ways to invest with
groups one way would be having a stock or ownership share situation where you
owned a percentage of the groups properties.
The other way to do it would be to get it with a large group
that has one particular vendor that takes care of all the groups needs. This is
the type of investment group is. Investors get all the
benefits that larger investors get with their properties.
The benefits include lower rehab cost, maintenance cost,
large crews to take care of your every need for your investment property,
insurance, legal, and many other services that you need to be successful in
Real Estate. Let me give you a few examples:
A client called on Friday evening and needed a picture of her
window for the insurance company so they could continue with her policy. Our
company did wait till next morning to do it because the lady was stressed-out
about getting the picture to the insurance company. We had our guy go out and take  the
picture, e-mail to the client and she was very satisfied with our service. She
called and thanked us and our insurance was intact.
An Australian client who called and explained to me that his
potential partners cannot believe the numbers and returns he was getting with
our company. He has over 10 properties with us and generates over 15% turns on
an annual basis. He is setting up a group to start purchasing large numbers of properties.
When you deal with a investment property you want to make
sure units in your own city or out of state deal with a company that can
take care of every aspect of your investment. You do not want a realtor,
property manager, construction crew or any other aspects of your property to be
jobbed out on a retail basis.  make sure you get the best properties and the
prices to help you enjoy your monthly checks from your investment property. These types of details can determin if you make great monthly income or little monthly income.
Isn’t that what investing is all about making sure that you
do it and get the best bang for the buck and know that the company is taking care of
all your properties needs a reasonable and quality prices? We at
sure believe that! We do it every day to make sure our clients get the best bang
for the buck and we help maximize their monthly returns.
Cleveland area is growing at a rapid pace and a lot of money is rolling in to
our northern Ohio area. The northern Ohio area is possibly the most affordable
and quality living in United States of America maybe even the world. Cost-of-living
is a big plus when companies are looking for places to put their companies.
Check out the store below on the natural gas drilling in northern while. Brett
young Valley Realty

BP CEO says the energy giant is returning to Northeast Ohio, lured by shale gas

After 14 years gone, BP is returning to Northeast Ohio. Not with a landmark skyscraper on Cleveland’s Public Square, but with a modest field office in Warren, within striking distance of its stake in Ohio’s Utica shale.

 BP chief executive Bob Dudley, on a visit to Cleveland Friday morning, said the quiet beginning could mushroom into something huge.

“Who would have thought, 20 years ago, we would be re-investing in (energy) production in Ohio,” Dudley told a gathering of business and civic leaders at the InterContinental Hotel on the campus of the Cleveland Clinic. “Really, we made a new and exciting investment.

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Shale gas boom may quickly go bust, speaker warns City Club of Cleveland

BP seeks leases to drill gas wells on 84,000 acres in Trumbull County

Clevelanders still have ties to BP through the old Sohio

In March, the global energy giant announced it had secured mineral rights to more than 80,000 acres in Trumbull County, surrounding Warren. This morning, Dudley said exploring and testing will soon commence and that BP expects to begin drilling next year.

Moments after his presentation, he told The Plain Dealer he anticipates the operation to result in new jobs and a new corporate presence for London-based BP, which gained its first American foothold in Cleveland a generation ago.

 Much will depend upon what seismic surveys and test wells detect in the ancient shale beds, he added.

“We’ve got to do the exploring and unlock it,” Dudley said. If BP finds liquid natural gases, as it expects, “the number of jobs will really begin to take off, certainly in the thousands,” he said. “Not just drilling jobs. Jobs in finance, accounting, leasing.

The jobs and gas production remain a subject of speculation, Dudley said during his speech. But BP is excited about the potential of Ohio’s shale gas, he said, and so is he.

 “In 2009, I was skeptical of the shale revolution,” said Dudley, a Chicago native and BP’s first American-born CEO. “I’m now convinced the U.S. has enormous reserves of natural gas.

He said energy companies will be coming to Ohio for its natural gas liquids, especially ethane, the feedstock for plastics.

 “It will enable all kinds of industry,” he said. “The reason I like the Utica shale is because dry gas is becoming uneconomic because prices are so low. People are looking for formations with liquid and that’s what I like about the formations in Ohio. That’s why I’m excited about it. It’s going to take some time to find out.”

Dudley appeared as part of the Business Leaders Series of the City Club of Cleveland. He flew in from Houston and is on his way to Columbus to meet the governor.

 Dudley appeared as part of the Business Leaders Series of the City Club
of Cleveland. He flew in from Houston and is on his way to Columbus to
meet the governor.

Robert L. Smith, The Plain Dealer

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