Example Cash Flow Properties

Our team got the two properties we purchased for some clients income flowing with quality tenants in Mesa Az.  The clients are very happy with the results and getting ready to buy more. The projected rent on this property was $1300 a month we rented it for $1275 a month.
We helped these investors get the right type of income real estate for their portfolio. These properties are in great areas and should also see appreciation over time. Phoenix is a great place for income real estate because of the Landlord Tenant laws and the high concentration of quality tenants.
Our team help handle all the minor repairs that were needed. We also marketed the property and got the home rented. Call Brett today to look at the opportunities we have in the Phoenix Az area. Look at what I said about this property below and look at the $900+ net a month income. Century 21 is managing this property.

Just picked up a another income property in the Mesa Arizona area.  These properties are ready to go, and we have them inspected before you purchase in most cases.  They need little or no fix up.  This property is in Mesa Arizona the second biggest city in Arizona.  The home was built in 2002 it is a 3 bedroom 2 bath home 1357Sq feet.  These properties get quality tenants and are low maintenance.

Lets go over the approx numbers on this property.  Cost if this property is $175,000 and the rent is $1275.
Rent____________________$  1275 a month
Taxes___________________$ 81 a month
HOA___________________$  72 a month
Insurance________________$  60 a month
Property Management______$130 a month
Net proceeds_____________$ 932 a month.
Buying a home warranty will also help defer the maintenance cost for these types of properties. We also can assist in management of your property if needed.
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