Making Cash Flow a reality is always in the details and the system

Real estate investors are defiantly a different breed.  Being one myself I know how hard it is sometimes to find the best deal on properties. Once you find a property and try to understand the areas and what is needed to get your desired outcome can be difficult.

I had a potential client come into town about three months ago to look at some of the areas that we were purchasing cash flow real estate in.  We spent a day with him and explained the areas and what the cost would be in each of them.  I did not hear from him until a couple of weeks ago.  He emailed me and explained to me that he had purchased some properties from another real estate company.  After he was finished with all the transactions and construction he needed to rent the property.  The real estate company he had purchased from evidently did not have a property management team or a strategy to get his property making money.

He was asking me if our company would manage these properties for him. I unfortunately had to inform him that we property manage only our clients portfolios that is purchased through our company.  We have many reasons for doing that and I want to explain some of them.

Buying a property in the right areas is very important to achieve the highest rate of return.  We know those areas very well and keep our clients in them.  You also need to have the right rehab done in your property.  Spending too much money or to little can really effect your bottom line. Rooftopinvestment also helps make sure that all maintenance issues that could effect your bottom line are dealt with in the construction phase.

For example you need to make sure that all the mechanical devices operate properly and use only licensed and bonded techs to make sure they are in good working order. Is it a perfect system? Of course not but it does cut down your cost in the future maintenance  cost of your property.  Collecting 100% of your rent for an extended period of time really helps your bottom line. Doing the rehab ourselves we know the rehab was done right and future maintenance will be light.

After all that you need your property managed by a component management company.  This is probably the most important component part of being a real estate investor.  Yet investors continually think it is not.  They get all the purchasing and rehab completed and forget about the rest of the properties income life.

Property management is the longest term relationship you will have with your property.  That is why I invented Rooftopinvestment to have that long term relationship with properties.  Our clients have many layers of protection for the management of their properties with our staff of professionals.

In the end we generate great income for our clients and have the details and the system to handle their properties for years to come .  After all that is what a Investment should do……… make money. Brett Young CEO Rooftopinvestment

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