Most Investors only get half the story

I hear so much about the real estate investment world and I always want to keep you informed about it.In real estate every investor has different needs.

For example many of our foreign clients have specific needs.  They need a Corporation set for them, or a CPA or Lawyer to help them with certain paperwork that is needed to update their records.
  I know this sounds simple but our investors need to know that these service providers are competent and not super expensive.  With a good investment company you can save massive amount of money on these services.  With have huge buying power and clients we work deals with these service providers for our clients.  Please understand we make no money from these services.

Lori also handles a ton of paperwork that is needed to be successful in this market that includes, all insurance on each property is up to date and that each property has a POS deposit that must be returned after the property is completed.  She also makes sure these things are  done in a timely matter.

Another service needed when you are not living in this area is a full time runner.  They pick up escrow checks and make sure your escrow is secured.  They also get your documents to you via mail or email.  Runners make sure utilities are turned on and set at the property until each utility company has been there.

I personally coordinate the construction and make sure that everything is completed and passed through each individual city.   I go to each property twice a week to make sure the work is moving along. The budget and contractor must be enforced to ensure the property is done in a timely matter and that it does not go over budget.  Our record is 99.6% on being on budget.

The last service I want to talk about is lowering your property taxes on each property.  Tim just recently spent many hours getting the tax plans put together for 2013.  He goes through each property to see if we can lower the tax bill and get our clients even more return.  We also have a lawyer that works with Tim to get this done.  Tim has to go to tax court and explain why we deserve the lower taxes on some properties.  Again that takes time and every investor needs to maximize their returns.

There are many of other service we have for investors.  These are just a few I’ve gone over a few that every investor must have in order to be successful in Investment Properties.  Brett Young Valley Realty and

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