Northeast Ohio home sales in September up from year earlier


I have been investing and writing about this area for over 5 years and have noticed the upticks in the local cities real estate markets.  New commercial buildings are also being built at a rapid pace. I drove over to Fairlawn Ohio yesterday and saw many new retail stores being added to the already large amount of existing stores

A great example is a Grocery chain called Mustard Seed Market. Ohio’s Largest Locally Owned   Natural Grocery Store.  Click here to view their website. They were building 2 new stores in that area. What I really like about this store is they have cooking classes and how to prepare foods for everything including a class on how to raise health children. Just another great example of the quality amenities in Northern Ohio.

Here are some stories that I found that proves that what I’ve been saying about the Cleveland area real estate market is happening.  Investors and buyers are coming to this area and seeing that Cleveland is not just about returns but is an extremely great place to live.

 Northeast Ohio home sales in September up from year earlier

 The seasonality of residential real estate in Northeast Ohio and higher mortgage rates in September slowed the local housing market from August, but did not change its overall direction for the year.
  The end of the prime summer selling season prompted Northeast Ohio home sales in September to dip almost 17% from August. However, the housing market continued its year-over-year climb toward recovery from the housing bust with a 13% increase to 33,699 units sold through September from 29,941 in last year’s like period.
This story is from Click on the link to read the whole story by STAN BULLARD

Proposed project would create residential, commercial space at Worthington Building

Yet another great project that will be opened in the Downtown.  The century old building will be a great addition to the already rapidly expanding downtown Cleveland area. The 33,000 square foot building will add residential real estate to the area.  

Development of century-old Warehouse District structure is reliant on tax credit

This story is from Click on the link to read the whole story by STAN BULLARD
This is yet another great sign of things to come.   

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