Different Strategies for Investment Real Estate

I read a lot of investment strategies consist of the same cities over and over again. The strategies allow for many investors to get information to buy these areas. My strategies has always been to find areas that generate massive income and a relatively unknown to the real estate investment world.

In the Cleveland Ohio area are suburbs that have what’s called the point-of-sale. This allows these neighborhoods to stay or pristine condition and generate high rental Rolls.

The Cleveland area is the only area that has a system in place in the United States of America. You can go to a lot of subdivisions and see the different type of homes one may be in great shape and the next may look horrible. That does not happen in the point-of-sale areas.

Let me give you a couple of examples I sold over 300 homes in the Phoenix Arizona market and there were always great homes in the subdivisions I purchased. There was always one home that either had a horrible yard, broken down car, or just look run down. In the point-of-sale areas(cities which I’ve enclosed a great slideshow to show you the subdivisions in) this does not happen. What does happen is he area stay very pristine and you do not have that neighbor that makes a whole area would bad.

The other obvious factor is the quality of the homes and the net result of your cash flow. We consistently run 15% or better on our returns and have plenty of inventory for you to buy. This is not mean that every other house foreclose on this just a great time and inventory to purchase real estate in these point-of-sale areas.

I know in the Phoenix Arizona market is very hard to buy a investment home right now because as I said before everybody’s talking about the strategies and investment real estate. Phoenix Arizona happens a be one of their strategies to buy. Not a bad strategy I admit, but you have a ton of other real estate investors that are bidding on the same property you are. So getting a property is sometimes very difficult.

In the Cleveland suburbs you’ll have to do that which saves you immense amount of money on your real estate investment. This allows you to buy lower and have money to buy more homes. You’re looking at finished investment homes and duplexes that start at $40,000. These are homes would cost you double to triple anywhere else. And are starting rents are $850 per month and goes high as $1450 per. They cash Flow at 15%-25%.

So when you’re send up your strategy for new investments consider the Cleveland suburbs and the great resources that we have for you to purchase these types of homes. I’ve enclosed a link for this weeks great home were offering as a special. Brett young Valley Realty

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