This Is Downtown Cleveland!

Here is a great video Kelly found for me on the downtown area and how they are just kicking butt and making it a great place to live.  I know it is because I live here too.  Before you watch the video though I did talk to a couple last night at me cousin Gina’s Birthday party.  The reason I mention them is because they were in there 20’s and lived in the downtown area.

They explained to me that they rented a apartment and really enjoyed all the activities and amenities that were close by.  Also a new Grocery store and Brewery are being built near their location.  It was a refreshing conversation and very informative one also.  This couple was middle to upper middle income and really excited about living in the downtown area.

How does this apply to real estate investing? The downtown is a very important part of a metro area.  If the downtown is really set up well the property values start going up and the surrounding areas benefit from it.  Remember that people need to want to live in area to make it successful.  Check out this video and see why you may want to invest or live here also.

So please look at this video by
This is Downtown Cleveland.
Video produced by Fusion Filmworks
Song: Run Run by The Rival

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